#SameMoonFriends project

2020 and 2021 have been years of separation.

But no matter where we are, we all have something in common: the moon!

Decades ago, a friend in Japan said he’d think of me whenever he saw the moon, and I could do the same, in Minnesota. I’ve never forgotten that conversation, which landed in the opening pages of my memoir.

So as I anticipate tonight’s full moon, I’m thinking of friends I miss across town and around the world, and I’m wondering, will they look up and see the beautiful autumn moon as well?

How about you? I invite you to share this post with your Same Moon friends.


1. Take a selfie with a moon image (could be your Same Moon memoir or goods).

2. Tag your friends, and tell them you’re thinking of them.

3. Include the hashtag #SameMoonFriends.


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