Unintended moon shot

As November’s full moon approached, I kept thinking about what sort of photo I would share with my #SameMoonFriends. I already shared a recent moon photo in a promo post, and skies were looking cloudy, even flurry-filled, as we headed into the end of the week.

Then I saw it. A project I’ve been working on. It looked like the full moon!

Over the past several months, I’ve been playing with acrylic paints and creating my own versions of Minnesota’s state symbols. It all started with the state bird, the loon. Then came:

  • the fish: walleye
  • the flower: Lady Slipper
  • the tree: red (or Norway) pine
  • the insect: monarch

I’m currently working on the state gemstone, the Lake Superior agate. In my research, I learned that there are many types of agates, but the one that drew me was the eye agate. Relatively rare, its markings include perfect circles with concentric bands around them. Some really do look like eyes.

I’ve been experimenting with how best to represent these gorgeous stone eyes and currently have a few drafts sitting in the dining room. The one I happened to look at while thinking about my moon shot is just partially complete. It includes the beginnings of two eyes, one cool and blue, one warm with red, green and yellow concentric circles. Darned if that draft gemstone project didn’t start to resemble the moon and earth.

And there it is, my moon shot for November!

When I look at it, I get the sense that I’m far from both the earth and the moon, floating out in space. It really isn’t so unlike the feeling I get when I move away from the people I love.

That’s why this month, I’m greeting the Huddle group my family left, at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Vancouver, Washington. #SameMoonFriends forever.

Far apart but close in heart.

For more details on the #SameMoonFriends project, here’s an introductory post.

canvas featuring two concentric circles -- one small and blue, one large and red, green and yellow

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