Holiday eating with sensitivities, v. 2021

Two years have passed since I posted about how our West Coast Thanksgiving Family deals (successfully) with food sensitivities in “Holiday potlucking with sensitivity!”

The short version, as my Thanksgiving Family sister declared, is that it just takes “communication, compassion and respect.” Of course these are words to live by whether we’re considering menu choices or dinnertime conversation.

Since Thanksgiving 2019, so much has changed for my family. This Thursday marks our second Thanksgiving living back in Minnesota, and it will be the first Thanksgiving in umpteen years for my whole immediate family to celebrate together. (All eight of us! Yes, that includes all three generations. We’re a small clan.)

As we started menu planning, my brother, who will be coming from Iowa with his family, suggested we order Thanksgiving dinner from our local grocery. I began to tick off my family’s food sensitivities, and he quickly and kindly pivoted: “Or … we could do Indian takeout?”


So that’s our meal plan for Thanksgiving 2021. It isn’t exactly traditional, but it works for us.

(And it isn’t lost on any of us that no one will be trapped in the kitchen for hours prepping or cleaning up.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Do you have a Thanksgiving hack? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Indian food

Indian food photo by Andy Hay on Unsplash

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