#SameMoonFriends gather again

Today brings the new moon — so you probably won’t see it in the sky this evening. But feast your eyes on these beautiful faces and images of the last full moon, below!

#SameMoonFriends shared images and sent greetings from:

  • 2 countries
  • 4 states
  • 10 cities

One was even taken from the air! Click each photo to see where it came from.

Join us next time

I invite you to join us in greeting your faraway friends and loved ones with a selfie or moon shot. Mark your calendar for Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021, and share your image on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #samemoonfriends. I’ll gather the pics and share them at the following new moon.

Hope to see you then!

‘Tis the season: moon-themed gifts

My memoir, The Same Moon, is available at Fargo’s Zandbroz Variety store and online, along with other items, including T-shirts, yoga mats, tote bags and such.

holiday image of t-shirts, onesie, phone case, tote bag and yoga mat
Goods & gifts

What kicked off #samemoonfriends?

Ever since I was seventeen and a friend suggested we think of each other when we see the moon — he in Japan, I in Minnesota — I have thought of far-off friends and family whenever I see the moon. I included the scene in my memoir, The Same Moon.

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