Toe-inspired wisdom

Today I celebrate my big toe! More than that, I celebrate our bodies’ amazing capacity to heal. And most of all, I celebrate my students who come to Holy Yoga classes despite the aches, despite the pains, despite the challenges. Today, 2 1/2 weeks since my ridiculously minor toe surgery, I finally dared attempt a slow yoga flow. My downward dogs were ginger, one-footed attempts, … Continue reading Toe-inspired wisdom

Found: additive-free marshmallows!

Thank you to Linda Nixon, who took up the challenge issued at the end of “The Weekend of … something really different” and found additive-free marshmallows that I can get shipped to our home! (For a price, of course … 🙂 ) Introducing, XO Marshmallows! The ingredient list for their vanilla marshmallows is truly a Thing of Beauty. For winning this challenge, Linda will receive … Continue reading Found: additive-free marshmallows!