Each of us has special interests and facets of our lives that help us thrive. I think of mine as my “sunshine.” Below are a few rays I’d like to share with you.

How about you? What offers you sunshine in this season of life?


Started in October 2021, #SameMoonFriends encourages everyone to take a moment at the full moon to greet faraway friends and loved ones. We remember that despite our distance, we all gaze at the same moon. Learn more here.


Japan has been part of my life since I spent a summer with a host family at age sixteen. It is the setting of my memoir about two years in the Japanese countryside and regularly pops up on my blog.


Minnesota is my home state, and returning home after nineteen years in Washington, I feel as if I’m getting to know it all over again.


Good food is one of my passions, and since I realized we were raising a child with food sensitivities, it has taken on a new level of interest for me. I love sharing our journey and our favorite recipes in the hopes of helping other families.


Faith is a journey, and I explore mine through writing and yoga.

Making stuff

I looked up the definition of art and of craft. At the moment I feel most comfortable saying that one of my hobbies is making stuff.


I have practiced yoga in one form or another since 1997 and was certified as a teacher through Holy Yoga in 2018. It helps me clear my body, mind and heart, and I love to share it.

Writing prompts

Working with words helps me process life and even figure out what I think about certain topics. I love to encourage others to write through workshops/coaching and by offering writing prompts.