Thank you, #SameMoonFriends!

Ever since I was seventeen and a friend suggested we think of each other when we see the moon — he in Japan, I in Minnesota — I have thought of far-off friends and family whenever I see the moon.

I included the scene in my memoir, The Same Moon, but recently I thought, why not share this idea and have fun with it online?

So for the October full moon (Oct. 20), I put out the call, and several friends responded, sharing moon shots, Same Moon shots and greetings to friends and family.

The next full moon will arrive Friday, Nov. 19. I’ll share another invitation a few days in advance on my blog, in my e-news, and on social media — hope to see you then!

Thank you, #SameMoonFriends!

6 thoughts on “Thank you, #SameMoonFriends!

  1. What a fun idea on each full moon to think of special friends that live far away. It seems the older I get the more my friends fall into that category – distant and special! Thanks, Sarah.

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