“Trust the timing”

I’ve been thinking about the next full moon — coming Nov. 19, 2021 — and wondering how soon to give the heads up to people who want to join me in greeting their #SameMoonFriends.

Seeing the moon has for years caused me think of faraway friends, but it hadn’t occurred to me to invite others into the idea until last month. When I did, it touched my heart to see others adopting the idea and sharing moon pictures and memories on social media and in text messages to me.

Yesterday I received my weekly email from writer-artist-musician Morgan Harper Nichols, full of encouraging words and images. This message focused on how meaningful each person’s life is, and the smartphone wallpaper featured the moon and the stars, and the three-word suggestion, “Trust the timing” (see the image and words below).

So … I’m sending that heads up for anyone who would like to join me in taking a photo of the moon — full or otherwise — to share on Nov. 19. It’s an opportunity to tell your far-flung friends how much they mean to you. #SameMoonFriends.

If you’d like to receive a reminder next week, along with my monthly offering of inspiration for writing and living at midlife, join me here.

Happy Moonday!

By Morgan Harper Nichols

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