Welcome …

I hope you find this website to be a place of encouragement!

These days I’m sharing my memoir of running off to Japan in my mid-twenties and blogging about writing and transitioning back to a Minnesota life (after nearly two decades in Washington state). Perhaps it isn’t surprising that I chose “home” as my Word of the Year and am exploring what that means.

I would love to share my stories with you and support you as you explore your own stories — or those of your organization.

My writing

The Same Moon — published in 2020 by Camphor Press — is my memoir of running far, far away — to Japan — to find my way home. You can find some of my essays here and blog here.

My (new) shop

The image from my memoir’s cover offers a quiet message of unity: the same moon shines over us all. Now available on shirts, bags, greeting cards and more.

Classes + collaborations

string of pearls

Using my background in journalism, public relations, creative writing, teaching and consulting, I help others identify and write their own stories. I also am taking on new communication projects.  


Sarah brings a quarter century of writing/communication experience to every project, drawing on a background in public relations, journalism, creative writing and science writing — plus degrees in biology (BA), mass communication (MA) and creative writing/nonfiction (MFA), and yoga instructor certification.