Cover reveal for the (new) Same Moon!

I’m delighted to share the cover of the new edition of my memoir, The Same Moon! Andria Levi’s beautiful artwork remains on the cover, which has been refreshed by Michael Cannings at Camphor Press — heartfelt thanks to you both! This new edition from Camphor Press will still immerse you in 1990s Japan, but it also includes an epilogue that tells “the rest of the … Continue reading Cover reveal for the (new) Same Moon!

Taking courage

Recently I participated in a Zoom meditation class where the teacher talked about courage. She offered a definition that I hadn’t heard before. “Cour,” she said, comes from the French word for “heart,” and our English word “courage” has evolved from the idea of “claiming one’s heart.”[1] Claiming one’s heart. I couldn’t find that definition in an online search. Instead, I found definitions like Merriam-Webster’s … Continue reading Taking courage

What do you see?

An embarrassing indicator of lazy lawn maintenance? Something to be pulled or poisoned? Or a harbinger of picnics and frisbee matches, a source of nutritious greens, a reminder of childhood, when a dandelion held under your chin made your skin glow, betraying your “love of butter”? (Or was that just my family’s saying?) Perspective is everything. If I can decide to love or hate dandelions, … Continue reading What do you see?