Japanese gift reveal

(Sorry for the password confusion earlier! Here it is …)

A couple of weeks ago, out of the clear blue, a friend I hadn’t seen in years contacted me over email. She said she had something I might like. All I needed to do was say yes and pick it up.

I said “yes” all right! Last week, I drove partway to her house — it’s a bit of a distance — when a light came on the dashboard. Nail in the tire. Ugh. I turned around.

Yesterday, I got on the road again, had a lovely reunion with my friend, received her gift and drove home.

Then I opened the package — and put it to use!

What could it be?

Question mark photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Japanese gift reveal

  1. Oh my. That was a beautiful start to my day. Now my gardening will have a ring that inspires me. thanks so much. carolann

  2. 💖💖💖This is absolutely amazingly beautiful Sarah, listening to you play,,,it is so soothing for yoga and meditation time.. Please make a CD for us💖

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed that bit of koto music, Pam! I wonder what a koto-yoga class would be like … ❤ 🙂

      Here's a koto album I've enjoyed via apple music — maybe you'd like it too! music.apple.com/us/album/japon-chants-courtois/167001358

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