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What day is it?

I hadn’t planned to visit Japan this fall … But when we learned the country would open its borders to regular tourists just days before the Japan Writers Conference, my husband encouraged me to shift gears. Wouldn’t it be better to present in person, rather than over Zoom? Yeah. A couple of weeks later, I stepped off an airplane in Tokyo. It had been fifteen … Continue reading What day is it?

Book review: ‘a clearer meaning of tolerance’

I’m tickled to share this new review of my memoir, The Same Moon, from the Japan America Society of Minnesota. Here’s what reviewer Tom Haeg identified as a takeaway: What we learn here is a clearer meaning of tolerance. We must accept others as similar to, not different from ourselves. What we share in common is more important than what distinguishes us. Inclusion not exclusion. … Continue reading Book review: ‘a clearer meaning of tolerance’