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Setting out to write a story from one’s life can be daunting — where to begin? 

Let’s focus on a moment.  

Imagine your life as a strand of pearls. Some of the pearls are perfect spheres, while others are semi-round or irregular. Each represents a moment — some pleasant, others difficult — and every one of them has shaped who you are today.

Like a strand of pearls, your life is unique and beautiful in its own way. 

In my coaching and classes, I offer writing prompts and tools that will help you find a pearl, explore it and turn it into a story.

Here’s a sample prompt: “Words of wisdom”

What people are saying

As a gift to myself in 2021 I signed up for Memoir Moments with Sarah. With her winsome, encouraging and expert way, Sarah helped unlock my inner storyteller through these 4 short weeks. Now my children get to know me in fresh and unique ways through these moments. Double blessing!

— Sharon from Camas, Washington

What people are writing

Excerpt from “Blackhawk Adventure”
by Nancy from Gresham, Oregon
Memoir Moments online live class member

Course/coaching options

Haiku and You (free) online live

With Courtyard Fountains — March 11, 18 & 25, 2021

Stories don’t always require paragraphs and pages – sometimes less is more. We will explore memoir writing using the shortest form of literature.

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Let’s write a story together. I will interview you and write your story for you. OR I will interview your loved one and write their story.

One-on-one coaching online live

You have a story to tell. I will support you via Zoom as you transform it from memory or idea into words. Not sure what your story is? I will help you find it.

Please contact me to explore possibilities.

Memoir Moments online live

In this four-week online small-group class, you will identify a life moment and transform it into a written memory to share … or to keep for yourself.

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Tell me your story

I will interview you and write your story for you. OR I will interview your loved one and write their story.

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Other writing/communication/PR services

In addition to writing memoir, I have worked in public relations/project management (specialties: K-12 education and community advocacy), print journalism and science writing, and have taught college English composition, English language in Japan and Holy Yoga.

I am currently taking on new projects. Feel free to check out my services, resume and brief portfolio, and contact me to discuss possible collaborations — from fliers to white papers, blog posts to video scripts, op-ed pieces to website management.

About Sarah

Sarah Coomber

Sarah Coomber is a career communicator and author of The Same Moon, a memoir of her early-life crisis that took her to Japan. She has taught writing at Whitworth University, English conversation in Japan and yoga, and has worked as a newspaper reporter, public relations professional and communications consultant. She has a BA in biology, an MA in mass communication/print journalism and an MFA in creative writing/nonfiction. After 19 years in Washington state, she is now based in Minnesota.  

Your story matters.

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