Take-along writing prompt

Sometimes (always?) the most challenging part of writing is getting started. 

That’s why I created this Memoir Moment writing prompt, based on what seems to have helped people in my classes and coaching sessions. And me.

The idea is to help you hone in on your moment and, shall we say, grease the skids. Use what works and skip the rest.

Let me know how it works for you.

1. Click to download “A memoir moment.”
2. Print the file, selecting the following options (you’re creating a trifold):

  • “Fit to page”
  • “Print on both sides”
  • “Flip on short edge” 

3. OK the print job.
4. Fold on the dotted lines to complete your trifold.
5. Tuck this prompt in your purse or backpack or suitcase … and you’re ready to write! 

Are you more of the “let’s do this together” type? Check out my Memoir Moments classes & coaching page!

Or join me to talk writing at an upcoming author event.

Write your memories

I’ll help you. Check out my coaching & classes.

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