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Please ask your guests this question …

  (… and check out a recipe for Norwegian apple pie!) We had old friends over for supper last night. Much had changed since we had last hosted them — children had grown tall, adult hair had grayed (and fallen out), households had moved, jobs had evolved. All the usual stuff. Then there were the eating habits. Over the past three years, my family’s diet … Continue reading Please ask your guests this question …

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A beary good idea

Toxic Toby is an animatronic bear. Built in Battle Ground, Washington, he now stands vigil on the streets of London, connected to an app that measures air quality. Whenever pollution levels hit a point unsafe for humans, Toby’s little eyebrows flex, and he coughs, paw to mouth. Adorable though he is, he sends a powerful message: The air we need so desperately can contribute to … Continue reading A beary good idea

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The Same Moon — coming in 2019!

Now that the final edits have been submitted to my publisher … I’m excited to announce that my memoir, The Same Moon, is scheduled to be published in 2019! It’s the story of a young woman from Minnesota who tries to put her life on hold by running off to Japan for a couple of years. (As you might imagine, it didn’t exactly work.) Sometimes … Continue reading The Same Moon — coming in 2019!