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Join me for a new online class: Haiku with You!

Stories don’t always require paragraphs and pages – sometimes less is more. We will explore memoir writing using the shortest form of literature.

Emerging from the Japanese tradition, haiku is widely known for its 17-syllable (or so) structure.

But haiku is more than a format. Using seasonal images to connect and illuminate ideas, haiku can archive a memory, capture a present moment or make a statement.

In this three-session online workshop we’ll read old and new haiku poetry. Then we’ll use mindfulness techniques to visit our own pasts, enhance our awareness of the present and transform what we find into haiku.


This class is limited to five people and will take place on Zoom.

Please contact me to join the waiting list for the next class, or register your group!


$75 (individual)
$300 (group)

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Photo credit: iThaiNEO from Pixabay