Toe-inspired wisdom

Today I celebrate my big toe! More than that, I celebrate our bodies’ amazing capacity to heal. And most of all, I celebrate my students who come to Holy Yoga classes despite the aches, despite the pains, despite the challenges. Today, 2 1/2 weeks since my ridiculously minor toe surgery, I finally dared attempt a slow yoga flow. My downward dogs were ginger, one-footed attempts, … Continue reading Toe-inspired wisdom

A beary good idea

Toxic Toby is an animatronic bear. Built in Battle Ground, Washington, he now stands vigil on the streets of London, connected to an app that measures air quality. Whenever pollution levels hit a point unsafe for humans, Toby’s little eyebrows flex, and he coughs, paw to mouth. Adorable though he is, he sends a powerful message: The air we need so desperately can contribute to … Continue reading A beary good idea


I love reading (if not using) health tips, and last week’s newsletter from  from Yoga Download brought me something I could implement with ease: a hot lemon water drink in the morning. The lovely ladies promoting this habit suggest it will make skin glow, keep colds at bay and bring an energy boost, among other things. What could be better? They write: “This has become a meditative morning ritual for us, and as we … Continue reading Lemon-aid