I love reading (if not using) health tips, and last week’s newsletter from  from Yoga Download brought me something I could implement with ease: a hot lemon water drink in the morning.

The lovely ladies promoting this habit suggest it will make skin glow, keep colds at bay and bring an energy boost, among other things. What could be better? They write: “This has become a meditative morning ritual for us, and as we sip on our drink we recall 10 things in our life that we’re grateful for.”

All gung ho, I bought a bag of lemons — organic even — and this morning boiled a quart of filtered water into which I squeezed the prescribed half a lemon. I poured it into a wabi-sabi tea cup and sipped away at it as I fixed breakfasts and filled my son’s lunchbox. When my husband appeared, I proceeded to tell him roughly 10 things in my life that were making me crazy.

I think I feel a glow coming on.





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