Thank you! (and more gift ideas)

Thank you, in many languages

Thank you to everyone who ordered discounted Same Moon T-shirts yesterday!

I’m delighted that a dozen more of these lovely images will be out, walking around in the world — in Washington state, North Dakota and Minnesota.

I am a writer, not a seller, but I’m also a holiday gift-giver who appreciates new ideas and a good deal.

In that spirit, I’m sharing today that I’ve added a couple of mugs and throw pillows to the Same Moon shop. All are 25 percent off today.

Tomorrow (Thursday) brings 25 percent off spiral notebooks, tote bags, zip pouches and yoga mats (!).

Friday means 25 percent off phone cases.

And the Saturday/Sunday offer is free ground shipping in the United States.

#SameMoonFriends — this Friday

In other news, please remember that Friday, Nov. 19, brings us the full moon. I’ll be thinking of my #SameMoonFriends — faraway dear ones — that day and posting a special greeting on social media. I invite you to join me in greeting your loved ones, near and far!

Click here to read more about the #SameMoonFriends project and see some pics from October’s full moon greetings.

Thank you again for being part of my journey!

Typewriter photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash
Loon Landing” & kanji “Same Moon” designs by Andria Villanueva

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