One year ago yesterday

Lockdown Life was wearing on us. We were stir crazy.

That was March 21, 2020 — a year ago yesterday. Little did we know we were just at the beginning of pandemic life … as well as nearing the end of something else: nineteen years in Washington.

Jon decided we needed to get out. He knew a place that he predicted we’d have all to ourselves. A half-hour drive to a semi-legal parking spot. A big metal gate to walk around. Then a trail into the woods. Followed by the splendor of the lake.

He was right. In a whole afternoon, the only other people we saw passed by us in one motorboat.

Meanwhile, our little family had the big woods and the beach all to ourselves. We wandered among tall trees, we marveled at signs of life returning underfoot, we threw sticks, we bathed Leo.

At the time, we had no inkling that this would be one of our last visits to Lake Merwin, or that a year from that day we would be waking up in a place with no mountains in sight — but more than 10,000 lakes, and plenty of deer and wild turkeys.

Where were you one year ago today?


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Pearl beads image by TheAnnAnn from Pixabay

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