Yoga class

From the annals of “It’s never too late …”

I first tried yoga in 1996, in a community ed class in Madison, Wisconsin. It was fascinating, and I learned a sequence of postures that I practiced in the morning for years. (In fact, I was doing yoga when I learned of Fargo’s great overland flood of 2000 and then of the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001.)

In 2008 when, as a new mom, I dove deeper into yoga for stress reduction (ahem), I began thinking about becoming an instructor. I wanted to share what I was learning and give the peace I was finding to others.

“But I’m too old,” I thought. “I’m not good enough at this.”

Fast-forward 10 years. I’ve completed my yoga instructor certification and begun teaching — both Yoga for Cube Dwellers (15-minute sessions for my office colleagues) and hour-long weekly Holy Yoga classes at my church. I’m not quitting my day job in school PR/communications, but I love this discipline and could talk yoga-shop all day.

Too old? Not good enough? Bah.

Maybe it’s never too late to do what you love.

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