“Normalizing” a parenting challenge (a brief book review)

The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have thoroughly enjoyed the three books in this series, but this third installment (read via audiobook) is especially dear to me.

In The Rosie Result, Don and Rosie, plus their peanut gallery of family, friends, educators, etc., focus on son Hudson’s school and social challenges. Everyone is circling around the question, “is he autistic or isn’t he,” looking for clues and data that argue for and against a diagnosis.

As a mom who has been on the journey to pinpoint the sources of a child’s challenges and to find ways to help, I appreciate this storyline and Simsion’s depiction of various experiences and emotions encountered along the way. Loved ones trying to “help,” parents trying to stay objective and a child’s efforts to fit in are all recognizable territory.

Raising children is a quest, and this book does a great job of normalizing what life can be like when things don’t proceed exactly as … well … “normal.”

Tip: Start with the first book in the series — The Rosie Project — in which quirky geneticist Don Tillman sets out to learn if he’s capable of love.

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6 thoughts on ““Normalizing” a parenting challenge (a brief book review)

  1. my grandson was a child in that category and my daughter combed the wilderness of specialists to find out what his “problems” were. he is 16 now and doing well—social situations are still hard for him, sometimes, but he keeps on keeping on and has found friends who like to do what he likes to do and he is quite optimistic about everything—amazing–. HE is a love and we all love him greatly!

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