Happy birthday, buddy!

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever taken someone for granted for the better part of the year and, as their birthday approached, thought, “yes! I’ll make a cake, sing a song, bring a clever gift — that will show how much they are appreciated!”

I have someone like this in my life … my memoir, The Same Moon, the story of what happened when I ran far, far away — to Japan — to find my way home.

Today is TSM’s first birthday — happy birthday, book buddy!

The Same Moon was published by Camphor Press on June 18, 2020. (Here’s our release video!)

I haven’t been getting out there and spreading the word as much as we would have liked. Of course there have been extenuating circumstances … like a pandemic … and, hello, my family moved across the country.

Still, little book buddy, I’d like to make it up to you. We’re going to kick off this new chapter — haha! — with some events. We’ve got a virtual one in July and a real-live author event in August, in Fargo. Check out my events page here. Rumor has it I’ll be bringing the koto!

We’re open to doing more events and meeting with book clubs as well — virtually and in person. You can reach us here.

Happy birthday, Same Moon!

Many thanks to everyone who has read my story, shared it with others and invited me to your groups and events so far. It’s been a joy!

About The Same Moon

Recently wed—and quickly divorced—twenty-four-year-old Sarah Coomber escapes the disappointments of her Minnesota life for a job teaching English in Japan. Her plan is to use the year to reflect, heal and figure out what to do with her wrecked life while enjoying the culture of the country where she had previously spent a life-changing summer that included a romance with a young baseball player.

Find all the details here.

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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, buddy!

  1. Congratulations, Same Moon! Your first birthday!! Wonderful. Hope you meet lots of great people in the next year of your life. Happy first birthday!

  2. This week was a review of my last year because Tuesday was the one year anniversary of my traumatic fall. i have spent my week living with terrible flash backs, light through the tunnel, and still a measure of confusion about all those lost memories and blank spaces in my total picture of those hours, stretching into the week, after my fall. It leaves me in wonder that I am still here and functioning as best I can. I did not die, as most people in my age bracket do, who have experienced a serious, life threatening trauma such as the one I had. Sooo, I hope this next year finds me opening up to new discoveries and experiences and I can hopefully put the trauma behind me. It wasn’t a joyful birthday such as yours, but a jumping off or coming out into the sunshine and renewal of life. carolann

    1. Carolann, I love that you feel you are “coming out into the sunshine.” What a year this has been! I am thankful and thoroughly impressed that you are making it through your trauma and living fully. I love to think of you reciting poetry to the daffodils! ❤

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