This is getting real! The paperback cover is set

I just received the final version of The Same Moon‘s paperback wrap — and love the fact that a couple of my friends’ names are right there with me: Andria Villanueva for the cover art and Melissa Burt for the author photo. Another cool connection: The front cover quote comes from our local newspaper, The Columbian — thank you to reporter Scott Hewitt!

We’re counting down the hours to release day — Thursday — for this new edition, which will be available in hardcover, softcover and ebook. I’ll be sending out a discount code for 15 percent off to subscribers of my newsletter, “The Same Loon.” It includes news of my writing and events, tidbits about Japan, and upcoming issues will include writing prompts and tips to help you tell your own story.

(By the way, if you’ve already pre-ordered your copy of TSM, just let me know — Camphor Press will make sure you get the discount too.)

One more thing: If you’ve already read The Same Moon but would like to read the brand-new epilogue (the “happily-ever-after”), email me. I’ll email it to you when the ink is dry.


Have you ever cut and run from your regularly scheduled life? The Same Moon is the story of what happened when I ran far, far away … to find my way home. Learn more on my Same Moon page.

2 thoughts on “This is getting real! The paperback cover is set

  1. Wow, am always inspired by people who’re making their writerly dreams come true, because that pushes me to chase for mine as well. Congrats and all the best in your publishing endeavours!

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