green tomatoes

When life gives you green tomatoes …

Let me preface this by saying we’re a bit excitable around here. That’s why a couple of days ago, when my phone’s weather app showed raindrops, my first thought was about the garden — specifically the tomatoes.

This year’s tomato plants had long since overtaken their brightly colored cages, mounting an apparent rebellion while we were in Minnesota for a family vacation and book tour. We returned home to several luscious yellow tomatoes and a few Cherokee purples on the cusp of ripe, but most of the fruits had been lingering in a hesitant state of green.

Hence my excitement about the rain. I’ve had too many tomato seasons end in piles of burst fruits, rains causing the plants to overdrink, splitting their little green, yellow and red orbs. (Yes, we found ways to use them, most notably in green tomato pie, which some say is more curiosity than treat.)

By the time D returned from day camp, the sky was spitting, and raindrops were collecting on the lawn. I sounded the alarm and handed our young man a large colander. “Get everything,” I implored. “I don’t care how green.”

And he did.

And just as soon as he did, the sprinkle ceased, and that was the end of the rain.

Now the sun is out, and I have a colander and a windowsill and another large bowl filled with green tomatoes. My tomato plants are lush with leaves. Only leaves. Never before had my child so thoroughly done anything.

So last night, I made Green Tomato Curry, which was amazing, and I envision a Green Tomato Pie in our future (despite the skeptics).

If you have other ideas for using green tomatoes, do share!

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