Looking ahead

Of all the newspaper articles I’ve read so far in 2022, this one has really stayed with me — possibly because I hung its illustrations near my desk! (I shared it last week in my newsletter.)

By blogger/illustrator Tim Urban

For context, please check out blogger/illustrator Tim Urban’s New York Times piece titled “How Covid Stole Our Time and How We Can Get It Back.” The first part of the piece is sobering, but do keep reading. The second part is well worth it!

Urban’s concept is helpful for letting go of some of those lingering “should haves” — and freeing up energy and excitement to focus on current efforts.

Photo credit: Andrew Neel on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. Wow, that illustration really struck a chord in me as well. Also kinda reminds me of the book Midnight Library, where the main character explores all the possible lives she could’ve lived. I should check out that NYT piece!

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