Full moon tomorrow — the Wolf Moon

Get ready to howl! Monday, January 17, 2022, brings the Wolf Moon. What will it look like in your neck of the woods? 

If you share an image and use the #SameMoonFriends hashtag on Facebook or Instagram, I’ll find it and share it with others in a collection, like the one pictured here.

In December, #SameMoonFriends shared selfies, moons and even a moon-inspired art project! Thank you to Heather, Jackie, Janet, Jhana, Linda and Sarah S., who sent images from Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington and the U.K. (via Washington).

(Look at all those M-states! Think we can get Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi and/or Missouri this time … And how about an entry from a Jill, Judy or Jane?)

Why #SameMoonFriends?

When I was seventeen, a friend suggested we think of each other when we see the moon — he in Japan, I in Minnesota. Since then I have thought of far-off friends and family whenever I see the moon. (You can read the long-ago story in the sample passage of my Same Moon memoir press kit.)

Now, the #SameMoonFriends project is a fun way to get a glimpse at my friends and their worlds — and to celebrate a sense of unity. No matter where we live or whatever else might separate us, we do share the same moon!

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