Making a matcha latte

Jon and I have worked out a recipe for really good matcha lattes.

I have this on good authority from a friend. After drinking her first-ever matcha latte on vacation at our Vancouver house, she decided it was her new go-to drink.

So the next time she went to an international coffee shop (that will remain nameless), she ordered one.

But “it tasted like dirt.” Her words.

I recently made her another one, here in Minnesota, and she reconfirmed that she really does love matcha lattes — mine, at least!

Here’s the one-cup recipe, so you can make your own:

Easy matcha latte

1 cup oat milk (Chobani plain oat milk is our favorite.)

1/2 teaspoon matcha green tea powder (I use this one.)

Honey to taste (two or three teaspoons)

Pour oat milk in saucepan and begin heating.

Add matcha green tea powder.

Add honey.

Combine using a whisk or (my favorite kitchen tool) the Ikea milk frother.

Taste … add more honey, if needed … and enjoy!

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