My brief paean to technology — and book clubs!

Technology and I have had our innings, but I will be forever grateful for the way it obliterates the constraints of space and time.

I recently sat in my Minnesota office while hanging out with a truly delightful Colorado book club that had read my Japan memoir, The Same Moon. Though miles apart, we could share our experiences — the joys of encountering other cultures, the challenges of the workplace, the education of parenthood.

And as with each time I meet with a group, I am reminded and encouraged that we truly are more the same than we are different.

Here are photos of most of the book clubs I’ve met with so far — plus Same Moon discussion questions for your group!

Header photo by Kait Herzog on Unsplash
Book club screenshot photo … um … anonymous

A memoir of Japan

Sometimes you have to run far, far away to find your way home.

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