Turkey time

The turkeys are busy these days — lots of prancing, running laps in the yard, fanning out their feathers and gobbling.

Recently, Leo and I encountered this trio that was talking back and forth with another group across the street.

Parked in between them, in the middle of the street, was a guy in an SUV. When I squinted at him, to see what he was up to, he proudly held up his turkey call.

I imagined him arriving late to work, explaining, “I had to visit with the turkeys.”

Life in Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Turkey time

  1. Your life in Minnesota is just one surprise after another. I am wanting to explore your state after reading all your posts. Your winters sound like mine when I was growing up in Buffalo N.Y. But I never had turkeys walking down Main St. Seems boring, now. but here I occasionally, usually in the spring, have deer running down the street!. Hope the daffodils will bloom for you soon. love carolann

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying our Minnesota happenings, Carolann. I’ll trade you some turkeys for a few blooming daffodils … ! Yesterday I saw a few fuzzy buds on a branch, so that seemed promising. Then today … snowflakes in the air, blowing sideways. Sigh. Come on, spring!

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