Another day (Nov. 4, 2020)

 A wet nose finds my still hand, 
 a tail drums the wall, 
 my feet fall into carpet.

 I rise, 
 the dog heeling me down the hall 
 to his bowl. The cat 
 eyeballs me and patters, 
 eyeballs me and patters, 
 luring me, creaking 
 down the stairs to her dish. 

 Black sky fades to indigo while I 
 pull on yesterday's yoga pants and t-shirt, 
 glows royal as I unroll my mat.

 Traffic whines in the distance. A train 
 blows its warning.

 I sit cross-legged and breathe into another day.

 Another day 
 to love those I love.

 Another day 
 to care for those who need care.

 Another day 
 to flail at all of it.

 Another day 
 to wonder.

 The sky fades to royal, then old denim 
 as orange and peach rise through empty branches. 

 Another day 
 just out of sight.

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