We made it to 41!

If you subscribe to my e-newsletter, “The Same Loon,” you have seen my request for reviews of The Same Moon, my memoir of two years in rural Japan, regrouping after a rough entry into adulthood.

I’m excited to report that we’ve now hit 41 reviews on Amazon and seven on Goodreads! And I thank you for your help!

When the new edition of The Same Moon came out in June 2020, my publisher asked me to reach out to readers to encourage more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. (Getting 40-50 reviews on Amazon, for example, can help open up marketing opportunities, such as BookBub.)

Your reviews have been a source of encouragement … and they’ve also pushed me. Because several early reviewers (and more than a few friends) asked what happened after the first-edition story ended, I added an epilogue to the second edition, sharing “the rest of the story.”

If you have read The Same Moon and have yet to write a review, I would really appreciate your help. Here’s TSM’s Amazon link and its Goodreads page. I think we’re going to take a run at BookBub this week, so the more the merrier … !

If you have yet to read The Same Moon, I invite you to check it out. (Get 15 percent off by subscribing to my e-newsletter.)

And if your book club or other group is interested in a virtual visit or a presentation, please feel free to get in touch. (For presentations, my topics have included what it’s like to spend two years teaching English in rural Japan, dealing with culture shock/engaging with a new culture, and how the practice of writing can help us get through challenging times.)

Also, I’m planning to offer a writing workshop online this winter, so if that’s of interest to you, please let me know.

Most importantly, take good care of yourself and those you love.


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