I love reading (if not using) health tips, and last week’s newsletter from  from Yoga Download brought me something I could implement with ease: a hot lemon water drink in the morning. The lovely ladies promoting this habit suggest it will make skin glow, keep colds at bay and bring an energy boost, among other things. What could be better? They write: “This has become a meditative morning ritual for us, and as we … Continue reading Lemon-aid

Adventure writing for the rest of us

When I spent a year or so as an Outside magazine subscriber, the most striking thing I learned was that I was not a member of its target demographic. For those who haven’t seen this mag, I’ll tell you that the cover generally features an uber-fit young guy doing something, well, active. (Outside’s tagline is “Live the Active Life,” after all.) One cover features a fully dressed guy under water, ostensibly … Continue reading Adventure writing for the rest of us

For those doing heavy lifting

Here is a quote that poet Alicia Ostriker shared during an AWP 2012 panel discussion titled “God at Every Gate.” From the Talmud: It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task; neither are you free to relinquish it. These are words that comfort and exhort. Hearing them, I felt some peace — both as a writer and a parent. I hope you do … Continue reading For those doing heavy lifting