September is the New January

In “September is the New January,” Linda Nixon shares two ideas that I love: 1. September could offer a more productive “fresh slate” than January, and 2. We can mark it by selecting a word of the year.

I’ve settled on the word “home.” Such a simple-sounding word but one I’ve been questioning lately. What does it mean to be home? To feel at home? Or to home in on something?

Although I had a specific definition in mind when I included it in the tagline for my memoir, The Same Moon — “Sometimes you have to run far, far away to find your way home” – I’ve recently been hearing the word and that sentence anew. (More on that later … )

How about you? What could be your word for the “new year”?

Crickets and Cardigans

January has long been noted as the logical time to make profound and meaningful resolutions — to snack less and walk more, to quit being lazy and start being a better person. January also falls during a holiday season, it is the coldest and darkest part of the year, and it is mere weeks away from my birthday making it the exact time on my calendar when I want to snack more and walk less, to wallow in laziness and simply maintain my overall mediocrity. Any resolutions I might make for the coming year’s activities are typically long forgotten by the time I am consistently writing the date with the correct year.

Consider, though, an ideal fresh start opportunity that is already ingrained in the psyche of everyone who was ever a student — the beginning of the school year. There is no other time in a kid’s year when…

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4 thoughts on “September is the New January

  1. One Oxford Languages definition of home is “the place where something flourishes,” and I love that for you!

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