The Same Moon goods/gifts

The “Loon Landing” image is a reminder that the same moon shines over us all, even when we’re far apart. Maybe you’d like to share it with your faraway friends and loved ones this holiday season …

For more about the “Loon Landing” symbolism, please see below.

Ryota pointed at the slim crescent glowing above us. “The moon,” he said, alternating between Japanese and English. “It is the same, here and in America. We can think of one another when it shines down on us, you in America, me in Japan.”

from The Same Moon: a memoir

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“Loon Landing” symbolism

With its cherry blossoms and papercut style, “Loon Landing” contains echoes of the two years I spent in Japan, while the lake and the loon are nods to my home state of Minnesota. The Japanese characters read “futatsu no sekai ni, onaji tsuki” — “two worlds but the same moon.”

We’ve also created a bold Japanese character design, read “onaji tsuki,” which means “Same Moon.”

The Same Moon story

For more about The Same Moon story, please see my memoir page.

The artist

“Loon Landing” and the kanji design were created by Vancouver, Washington, artist Andria Villanueva.