Dog and flower petals

Strangers, revisited

As our nation debates the topic of immigration (who’s in, who’s out) … as our president tells people to go back where they came from, the last thing we need to do is to paint one another with broad brushstrokes. Each person carries a story, and when we take the time to listen to them and open our hearts to each other’s dreams and needs, a whole world of possibilities unfolds. Continue reading Strangers, revisited

School off the grid

Abandoning the local primary school was not part of our plan. But after watching our son spend a school year buffeted between his home room and various pullouts intended to bolster his speech, fine motor, reading, math and social skills, we — and he — had had enough. To be clear, our public school team was well-meaning, but the more supports they arranged for our son, the more fragmented his days and his learning became. This for … Continue reading School off the grid