Something to consider this Halloween

When I saw the headline of best-selling writer/marketer Seth Godin’s blog post “Don’t buy cheap chocolate,” it hit me in the heart and added to regrets I already harbor for doing just that — buying and sharing it. My cheap chocolate story comes from 2008, when we were preparing to travel to India to adopt our son. It was the end of January, so the … Continue reading Something to consider this Halloween

bananas, (almond) milk and almonds

Boxing Day resolutions

After the hubbub of the Thanksgiving-Christmas-mega-holiday-palooza, now is a great moment to reflect on the blessings of the season and the year. And to remember why some of us do our best to remain gluten-free/dairy-free/fill-in-the-blank-free. If you (like me) are ready to get back on whatever horse you might have fallen off of, check out this simple breakfast recipe. Whip it up in 5 minutes … Continue reading Boxing Day resolutions

No donuts

Please ask your guests this question …

  (… and check out a recipe for Norwegian apple pie!) We had old friends over for supper last night. Much had changed since we had last hosted them — children had grown tall, adult hair had grayed (and fallen out), households had moved, jobs had evolved. All the usual stuff. Then there were the eating habits. Over the past three years, my family’s diet … Continue reading Please ask your guests this question …