Taking courage

Recently I participated in a Zoom meditation class where the teacher talked about courage. She offered a definition that I hadn’t heard before. “Cour,” she said, comes from the French word for “heart,” and our English word “courage” has evolved from the idea of “claiming one’s heart.”[1] Claiming one’s heart. I couldn’t find that definition in an online search. Instead, I found definitions like Merriam-Webster’s … Continue reading Taking courage

What do you see?

An embarrassing indicator of lazy lawn maintenance? Something to be pulled or poisoned? Or a harbinger of picnics and frisbee matches, a source of nutritious greens, a reminder of childhood, when a dandelion held under your chin made your skin glow, betraying your “love of butter”? (Or was that just my family’s saying?) Perspective is everything. If I can decide to love or hate dandelions, … Continue reading What do you see?