My name is Sarah Coomber.

By day, I help school districts share their stories and inform their communities.

By night (and at many other times), I write, practice Holy Yoga and, with my husband, parent our precious child.

I’ve recently begun offering Holy Yoga at CPC in Vancouver, and I teach Yoga for Cube Dwellers at a certain special agency. Find one quick, office-friendly yoga flow here.  

In the coming months, I will share plans for the spring 2019 launch of my memoir, The Same Moon. It’s a story about a time when I had to run far, far away — to Japan — to find my way home. (For updates, please consider joining my once-in-a-blue-moon newsletter list.)  

At some point I’ll also write more about my family’s continuing journey toward healing through transformation of our diet. In short, I have found that most processed foods contain ingredients that contribute to dis-ease in my child and myself. Conversations with others have made it clear that we are not alone. 

Thank you for stopping by!



Header photo credit: Alexandra Lowenthal on Unsplash