Holy Yoga

I teach Holy Yoga, a form of yoga that offers participants an opportunity to connect with God through scripture, music, worship and community.

Recordings are available on my YouTube channel.
Sarah, Nancy and Jane — yoga in the park

In Holy Yoga, we often say, “It isn’t about the yoga.” What we mean is, the goal is not to get really great at yoga (although that sometimes happens too) but to use yoga as a spiritual practice, like prayer, fasting or meditation. 

At Columbia Presbyterian Church, Holy Yoga has been a “missional experiment” that I am leading with help from Nancy Anderson.  Our goal is to give people a space where they can slow down, loosen up their bodies and listen to what God might be saying in their lives.

Classes feature gentle movement and meditation, for men and women.

Select class meditations are available online.

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A basic yoga postures booklet is available here.

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Meditations photo adapted from Davids Kokainis‘ on Unsplash