Yoga Selah

Selah is a Hebrew word, and most sources say its meaning is unknown. Some define it as a blessing that means “forever.” Others say it might be a word for “praise.” But the meaning that resonates with me is “pause.”

I chose this name for the outdoor yoga classes I’m teaching in summer 2022, because I want to focus on the idea of a pause. The theme of these classes is “seeking a rhythm of rest.”

That said, we are moving and breathing — because how can we rest if we don’t have something to rest from? But we’re keeping it simple and easy.

Gather with us to slow down, loosen up and listen to what God is saying to each of us. Everyone is encouraged to move at his or her own pace … even if that means simply sitting still.

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My yoga background

I have been practicing yoga in one form or another since 1997. After completing yoga instructor training with Holy Yoga Global in 2018, I brought Holy Yoga to Columbia Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, Washington, as a “missional experiment” and led it with help from my friend Nancy Anderson and support from our Huddle. 

I also taught yoga at the YMCA of Clark County (Washington).

My family moved back to Moorhead — my hometown — in 2020, and I now teach Yoga Selah at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.

Online resources

About Holy Yoga

In Holy Yoga, I learned “It isn’t about the yoga.” What we mean is, getting “really good at yoga” is not our end goal — although our practice usually becomes stronger the more we do it. Instead, we use yoga as a spiritual practice, like prayer, fasting or meditation. 

We also say, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” My classes feature gentle movement and meditation, for men and women. You are welcome to move at your own pace and intensity.

A basic yoga postures booklet is available here.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Select meditations from past classes are available online.

Meditations photo adapted from Davids Kokainis‘ on Unsplash