Sarah Coomber

More than two decades have passed since the morning I awoke with a start knowing my biology career was over. It had never even begun.

I was a college senior on a first-semester study abroad program in south India. Several of us students were doing research in a traditional fishing village and then at a hill station. What intrigued me more than the fish and forest biodiversity, though, were  the people I was meeting and experiences we were having as we made our way in that challenging country. I spent hours each day writing in my journal, recording our adventures and my thoughts, working to make sense of it all.

I placed an international call (no easy matter in those days) back to the college to change my schedule for my final semester. I dropped physics and added creative writing and modern American literature. I never looked back.

Since then I have worked in journalism, public relations, science writing and teaching, and earned degrees in mass communication and creative writing. My memoir about the time I tried to put life on hold by running off to rural Japan … and instead found a controversial romance, cross-cultural challenges and new purpose … is scheduled to be published in 2019 as The Same Moon(You can find a few related essays on my publications page.)

More importantly, I am collaborating with my husband to raise our son, whose roots forever connect me with the place that opened my mind to the writing life.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I loved learning more about you Sarah. You have lived an interesting life and made some very good decisions. I admire you for being an adventurer and a risk taker. I believe God was preparing you for the challenges you would face with Daniel’s education and as always He did an outstanding job.

  2. Sarah – love the reading…and I think your experiences in south dakota are not too far from where I grew up….i’ll keep coming back to your blog and sharing it forward

    1. Heather, thank you so much. Even though it’s been years since that dino dig, I do remember thinking at the time, “Hm! This must be near where Heather’s from!” It was gorgeous. All best to you.

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