Adventure writing for the rest of us

When I spent a year or so as an Outside magazine subscriber, the most striking thing I learned was that I was not a member of its target demographic. For those who haven't seen this mag, I'll tell you that the cover generally features an uber-fit young guy doing something, well, active. (Outside's tagline is "Live the Active Life," after all.) … Continue reading Adventure writing for the rest of us


For those doing heavy lifting

Here is a quote that poet Alicia Ostriker shared during an AWP 2012 panel discussion titled "God at Every Gate." From the Talmud: It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task; neither are you free to relinquish it. These are words that comfort and exhort. Hearing them, I felt some peace -- both … Continue reading For those doing heavy lifting

I’m in

Well, Paul Lisicky, now you've done it. You told a story I can't get out of my mind, and now I've started this blog. I can envision that elderly writer you described, the one who told of her foray into blogging, the first time she clicked the "publish" button, her rebellious smile as she felt … Continue reading I’m in